3DS/2DS Modding Service B9S [Sys 9.0-11.3] For Any System.


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Homebrew , Themely, FBI ,Luma3DS will be installed. This mod will make your 3ds firmware customed, so you can download games , DLCs , custom themes , and many other stuff you cannot do with a normal 3ds console. NOTE : By agreeing to my terms and stuff , I will not be held responsible if your 3DS gets bricked or banned by Nintendo. Time? : I will probably take a week or so to complete this mod , but do not worry , I will return your console back to you. How to deal? : Meet me at Pasir Ris / Tampines , as I do not want to travel too far . I will collect your console , and take my leave. After a week or so , we shall meet at the same place , and I will give your modded console back to you. What happens if I brick your console? : Chances are , I won't , but if I do , I will surely repay you back. 🌜PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CONSOLE IS 11.3 OR BELOW.🌛

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