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3M Claybar Car Bike Silky Smooth Surface DIY Detailing Grooming with Professional Results


6 months ago by swan_gent








3M Car Detailing Magic Clay Bar is the ideal tool for achieving a silky smooth car or bike surface and flawless paint job. It removes stubborn contaminants safely and effectively where an ordinary car wash failed to do so, including industrial fallout, brake dust, haze dust, tar dirt, and acid rain. Claying a car helps to prevent surface and paint damages, and enabling wax and sealants adhere uniformly for a lasting shine. Condition: brand new Weight: 180g When to Clay Cars are exposed to contaminants when they are on the road, and those parked outdoors are particularly prone to pollution and stubborn debris build-up especially during the haze-infested period. A general rule of thumb is to clay your car surface twice a year, though cars that are heavily exposed to pollutants may require more frequent claying. Note: It is vital to use a clay lubricant in order to prevent the soft clay from scratching the car's surface. Claybar works well with car shampoo mixture of water or quick detailer as the clay lubricants. Steps in Claying a Car One of the most important things to remember is that the working surface must be slick, always ensure that the surface is wet & lubricated. Therefore, it is best to work gradually over small areas, so that the clay lubricant does not dry out. For the same reason, it is not advisable to apply clay under direct sunlight. Step 1: Lubricate Spray the lubricant onto a small working surface area. Make sure the lubricant completely covers the working area. Step 2: Use the Clay Bar Break the clay bar into a comfortable small piece of the clay bar and gently rub it back and forth over the working area. Do so in overlapping passes from left to right or up and down. The clay should grab, which is a sign it is picking up the stubborn contaminants. When the clay bar glides freely, the paint surface should be clean. Step 3: Wipe the Area Wipe the excess lube from the working area using a microfiber cloth. Run a finger across the paint: it should feel smooth. If not, repeat steps two and three, making sure to first reshape the clay bar to expose a new, clean clay area. Step 4: Work over the Entire Car Surface Repeat steps two and three, gradually working over the vehicle's entire paint job. This 3M clay bar also works on chrome and glass, where clay can effectively remove tar, sap, and insect remains on such surfaces. For details, you can check out the following video: Collection & Payment: 1) Yishun MRT stn (cash) 2) Blk 754 Yishun St 72 (cash) 3) Postal Delivery for $1.15 postage fee (POSB/DBS/PayLah/PayNow)

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