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Four in One Car Vacuum Cleaner 1.Dust Absorption 2,Tire Pressure Measuring 3.Inflation 4.Lighting Features�� 12V Car Handheld 1,Vacuum lightweight Cleaner can be used on Cars, Van, Truck , RV, even motorcycle with a 12V source. Been tested has high suction power holds up an very steady. It can be use on Dry or Wet surface and has washable filter inside. With strong LED lights, will not miss any corner. Also have especial function as 2, Air Pump 3,Tire Pressure Measurement, 4, lighting for your car in need any where. Rated Voltage : DC12V Rated input power: 100W Cable Length(approx):4.2 Meters Feature: Powerful Turbo Source suction Compact and lightweight Used directly from the car lighter socket Complete with convenient attachment and washable filter Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use. Operating the compressor: Step 1:Pull out the air hose, make sure the nozzle lever is in the up position. Step 2:Place the nozzle over the valve stem of the tyre or other item you need to inflate. Step 3:Lock the nozzle to the vale stem by pressing down on the lever. Step 4:Switch the compressor/spotlight switch to the COMPRESSOR position to turn the compressor on. Monitor the pressure gauge carefully. Step 5:When the desired pressure has been reached press the compressor/spotlight switch to the OFF position to turn the compressor off. Disconnect the air hose and replace it inside the unit. tag: car, tire, pressure, dust, vacuum, inflation, light, psi

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pioneer mrt ,Simei or Loyang Point

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