40% OFF Blizzard Games! Overwatch, World Of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Destiny 2, HOTS Official Games From Bnet Store


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(Still available! Limited stock as of 13/8) Selling the Digital version of all blizzard games that are available through the "gift" option. Since they are purchased through my account using the official blizzard shop upon your request, all game codes will be sent directly to your email instantly. 100% legitimate, as opposed to buying from shady 3rd party websites online which can often get your account flagged or banned. Very competitive prices - For any game on the blizzard shop, I will sell the game for its cost in USD in SGD! For eg, i will sell a game listed as $50 USD on the shop for $50 SGD! This means you will enjoy a 1.37 exchange rate saving! Almost 40% OFF the retail price! The games that are currently available and the details can be found on US Battlenet Shop: us.battle.net/shop/en/ Overwatch $40 USD: Selling for $40 SGD Overwatch GoTY edition $60 USD: Selling for $60 SGD World of Warcraft battlechest: $20 SGD World of Warcraft Legion: $50 SGD Starcraft Battlechest: $30 SGD Diablo 3 battlechest: $30 SGD Diablo 3 rise of the necromancer: $15 SGD Separately, I am also selling battlenet account balance directly, which can be used for in game items which are not available via the "gift" option, such as hearthstone packs and expansions, destiny 2 pre orders, Heroes of the Storm skins, world of Warcraft token and gold and services. For these, I am selling at a rate of $180 USD = $200SGD. ($46 SGD savings). I am only accepting orders over $200 SGD for battlenet balance sales, and will need you to pass me your account details (password can be temporarily changed) or can meet up for this transaction. (10 mins for transfer) This is because the bnet balance will be transfered via the World of Warcraft game (which I will purchase for your account). Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks!

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