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If you are looking for a pretty teapot that will endure daily or regular use, this vintage Sadler brown betty is the perfect choice. The teapot has no chips or cracks, it has minor imperfections as follows: - a tiny pin hole near the handle, a manufacturing flaw that does not penetrate through; - a shallow indent on the surface, again a manufacturing imperfection that was glazed over; - a crazed line near the handle - I have examined the interior to ascertain this is not a crack to the pot; - clean, micro-crazing on the lid, common in brown betties. - refer to the last photo for close-ups on the above. The interior is very clean and shows barely any signs of use. Measures approximately 23cm from spout to handle and is 12cm in height to the finial. Holds 5-6 cups of tea. Measurements are approximate. Add S$5 for registered mail. By mail only. All items in our shop are used vintage that often come with minor imperfections, results of old time manufacturing and wear from past use. They are not suited for buyers looking for perfection. If you expect perfection, please buy brand new.

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Add S$5 for registered mail. By mail only.