(42% Off) 4-in Natural Indian Agate Elephants at Factory Price 全天然的印度玛瑙大象-以厂商价大促销


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Elephant is one of the popular feng shui auspicious creature. According to the old chinese saying, xiang 象 symbolise ji xiang 吉祥. Agate is one of the seven treasures. It is a lucky semiprecious stone symbolises harmony. It offers protection and strength. Approx sizes: L4-in All measurements are based on the largest. Various sizes and materials available. If you prefer 4-in, the delivery will be as per the above photos. If you prefer other sizes, you may request for some close-up photos. Alternatively, you may refer to other listings uploaded. Original price : $168 Discount price : $98(42% off) Meet up / postage available. Meet at mrt along NEL prefer if purchase =>$28. FOC for NM, add $3 for RM. Interested, please chat with me. 象是家喻户晓的风水吉利物之一。 根据古书的记载,象的音和祥相近,所以代表吉祥。 玛瑙是佛教七宝之一。它是幸运的半宝石,象征和谐。它带给你保护和力量。 大约长度: 4 寸 所有测量以最大的为准。 有不同大小和材料可选择。 如果你喜欢4吋,你会拿到和以上一样的大象。 如果你喜欢其他大小,欢迎询问。你也可以参考我所上载的其他图片。 原价 : $168 特价 : $98(扣42%) 可选择预约或邮寄。 预约可选择东北线的地铁站,如果购买额 =>$28。 普通邮件免费,挂号信加$3。 有兴趣者,欢迎询问。

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