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47Ronin#033 Goat skin watch strap with brass button from Japan school uniform (20mm, white stitches)




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Japan inspired watch strap crafted from Royal blue goat skin, with brass button from Japan school uniform, White stitches, matched with a black stainless steel buckle. 47Ronin Watch Strap About Junior high school uniform button: The brass buttons are taken from a Japanese junior high school uniform. Only boy's uniform has such brass buttons. During school graduation, a girl receives the second button of the uniform from the boy she likes. It is a trend started in 1960s but still, 54% of girls today wish to receive it as souvenir from guys they like. 47Ronin Watch Straps School Uniform Button How it started: In 1960 there was a WW2 movie in Japan about a young pilot on a "Kamikaze" suicide mission. Before he set off which most likely would not return, he wanted to give something to the girl he loves. He took off the second button of his military uniform and passed to the girl. The uniform is given by the country, which mean it is something from the emperor. It would be too obvious if the top button is missing, hence the second button was given to the girl. The button is part of a very significant military uniform, and also very personal. The top button signifies self, while the second button signifies the most important person. From then on, the practise of giving away the second button of a school uniform to the girl you like, has become a common tradition in Japan. Read more on our blog on: Exotic materials: Japanese School Uniform Second Button Sizes: Lug width: 20mm Longer strap: 125mm Shorter strap: 75mm Thickness: 2.5mm Materials: Royal blue goat skin, Brass button from Japan school uniform, White stitches, matched with a black stainless steel buckle. Craft method: Handcrafted, Hand-stitched 47Ronin Watch Straps Made in Singapore Handcrafted by Tong, 47Ronin

2 months ago In Watches


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