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** FREE Delivery Island Wide ** 4Life Transfer Factor Reflexion® S$100.00 HALAL-CERTIFIED So many factors can get in the way of fully realising the brain’s capacity. Age, stress, diseases, drugs – these are just some of the many ways that decrease brain abilities. These also may cause the faster aging and deterioration of the brain cells. These can lead to poor learning skills and decline in memory capabilities. 4Life Transfer Factor Recall provides support for one of the most vital organs—the brain. This well-rounded formula provides exclusive Targeted Transfer Factor® support, antioxidants, and a blend of herbal nutrients that help support and maintain brain function for optimal mental functioning. 4Life Transfer Factor Recall can help avoid all these by taking better care of the brain. Natural supplements with brain-supportive compounds in this product can help restore better brain health and function BENEFITS The transfer factor formula is well-rounded and promotes overall health. It improves blood circulation to the brain. This is vital because blood brings nutrients to the cells and removes waste. The brain function more efficiently if they are well nourished. The various compounds in this supplement also has antioxidant effects in the body. It protects the cells from free radical damage and toxins. In the brain, this is important. Toxins and free radicals damage the neurons that can lead to poor brain function. The Targeted Transfer Factor technology is at the core of Recall’s actions on the brain. This provides the focused support needed by the brain for improved functioning of the entire nervous system. This product also has secondary supportive effects in the body. The active ingredients promote better function of the immune system and improve heart health. The various ingredients also help promote healthy aging process. Primary Support: Brain Health* Secondary Support: Immune System, Healthy Aging, Heart Health* #4life #transferfactor #supplement #nutrition #dietarysupplement #natural #immune #immuesystem #health #wellness #transferceutical #TF #recall #remember #brain

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