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Why choose my magnetic sunshades? 1. They are made with high quality magnets which will stay firmly on your window frames! What's the average lifespan? 2. They can last for years and longer as compared to conventional sunshades held with clips! What's the purpose of the sunshades? 3. To provide privacy and to also block away sunlight during daytime! Is it easy to install? 4. Super easy, simply just tap the sunshades on the window frame and you're good to go! No hassles with installations by yourself! Please drop me a text in my inbox if you are interested to purchase! All car models sunshades are selling at $50 for 4 pieces!!! 6 pieces for some car models will be $70!! Current available models: Hyundai Elantra 2010-2015 Hyundai Elantra 2016 onwards Honda Vezel/HRV 2015 onwards Honda Civic 2016 onwards Honda Fit/Jazz 2013 onwards Honda Shuttle 2015 onwards Honda Odyssey 2013 onwards Honda Jade 2015 onwards Volkswagen Golf MK7 Toyota Wish 2009-2016 Toyota Harrier 2013 onwards Toyota Estima 2006-2016 Toyota Altis 2013 onwards Toyota Vellfire 2015 onwards Subaru Forester 2013 onwards Nissan Qashqai 2013 onwards Nissan X-Trail 2013 onwards Nissan Sylphy 2013 onwards Mazda 3 Sedan 2013 onwards Mazda 6 Sedan 2013 Kia K3 2013 onwards Kia K5 2010-2015