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300ml version!! (U.P. $30 for 150ml) The Therapy line is marketed as an anti-aging ritual "for tired skin". KEY HIGHLIGHTS: 1. Both TONER + ESSENCE- tones, boost and evens out rough and flaky skin. - 2-IN-1: Toner + Treatment Essence in one product - Combination of toner and treatment that helps to tones dry, rough skin while essential oil delivers anti-aging treatment effects. 2. Marche Handmade Anti-Aging Blending Formula -The Face Shop uses Marche anti-aging technology which is a traditional handmade therapy in Italy that helps to deliver vitality to aging skin, makes it healthy with elasticity. 3. Skin Elasticity This toner contains Hyaluronic acid that strengthen skin elasticity and moisture and Panthenol (a precursor of vitamin B5) for anti-inflammatory purposes. 4. Essential oils help product absorb into the skin rapidly + moisturises deeply 5.Luxurious, classy, european designed packaging

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