Share This With Friends Marina Deluxe Algae Magnet Cleaner - Large Good for 6-10mm glass tank With postage Or meet at Tampines blk 851 night time 93855412 The Marina Deluxe Algae Magnet enables you to clean the inside of the aquarium's glass without getting your hands wet. Its slim design is ideal for hard to reach areas. A large internal scrubbing pad makes it easy to see what you’re cleaning, giving you complete control. The powerful magnets ensure a tight grip and the non-abrasive cleaning pads will not scratch the glass surface. It includes a specially-designed floating magnet retriever. For glass aquariums only. Suitable for fresh or saltwater aquariums. Tag: happy aquarium Aquavitro aquarium plants-Seachem filtration media -Brightwell Aquatics-SERA Products-Hikari Fish foods-NPF fish food-Laguna koi ponds-Nisso soil -Fluval water pump-JPD-API -test kits-Nutrafin Aqua Plus - Tap Water Conditioner-Eheim-Skimz skimmer-brio aquaponics-Atman fish tank -Jebo filter -Delivery-installation-Bio mat -Big Boy Air pump-Topfilter-setup-Monthly Maintenance-FGT-plastic tub-guppy tanks-Marina- Tampines

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