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Product information - Holds 6 cartridges and keeps them safe from shock damages. - More compact and portable as compared to the cartridge case that comes with the game Available Colours: - Translucent white and black Mailing information - Free normal mailing! PM me for more info! Tags: usb charger cable New 3DS xl Nintendo console charger portable power bank good quality best egg gaming game games Crystal Case Pokemon Monster hunter final fantasy charger ac adapter xiaomi oppo android apple iphone ip7 ip6 apple switch 3DS XL LL NEW NINTENDO POKEMON DIGIMON CRYSTAL CASE HARVEST MOON SCREEN PROTECTOR HORI USB CHARGER CHARGING PORTABLE QUALITY SOFT POUCH WRIST NEW BRAND NEW SALE CHEAP hard cover hardcover cases case hard-cover blue black soft pouch 2DS cartridge case cartridge holder 6-in-1

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