7 Artisans 35mm F2 Lens for Sony E-Mount, Fuji XF Mount & Canon EOS M-Mount.


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Compact Functional lens: 7artisans 35mm/f2.0 features a seven-element, five-group design. It has a maximum relative aperture of F/2 to F/16 through its range. Focal length is 35mm with the length of 41mm and the diameter of 50mm. 7artisans 35mm/f2.0 is available for full frame camera. Ideal Aperture with Ten Blades: The ten diaphragm blades are crucial to favorable rendition of highlights in the fore and background. It provides high quality of the transition as well as nice bokeh for the lens, keeping the background intentionally blurred to keep the attention of the observer on the main subject. Portable Aluminum Mount: Designed with aluminum-made body and copper bayonet, 7artisans 35mm / f2 weights as light as 320g, which is portable for your photography. There is an included foldable hood, which is convenient for your shooting. Price is fixed. Do not trade. Interested can PM me @ 84298110. Thanks.