$7 for XANSOAP 100g Handmade Natural Bar Soap 100g Body Wash 250ml. No SLS . No SLES. No Parabens. No Triclosan. No Urea. No DEA. Unscented. May be good for rashes, eczema, other skin problems. We also do wholesale.


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$7 per bar (approx. 100g) Buy 12 in a single order, get 1 free! $10 per bottle (approx. 250ml) We do wholesale too. Pls PM if you are interested. Choose from a variety of fragrance (from essential oils): Unscented / Lavender / Lemon / Lemongrass. Free of toxic and harsh chemicals such as: SLS, SLES, Parabens, Triclosan, Urea, DEA, Phosphates, Dye, Artificial Fragrance. Ingredients: Palm oil, coconut oil, lye, mangosteen fruit extract, tropical fruits extracts, shea butter, and essential oils. - Gentle for the sensitive skin. - Environmentally friendly. - Handcrafted, with natural and safe ingredients. - Concentrated with xanthones from whole mangosteen fruit. - Lightly scented so it is not irritable for those with sensitive noses. **Because no artificial colours were added, the appearance of our product may vary from batch to batch. Also, expect slight irregularity in shape of bar soap. == Packaging & Delivery == $2 normal mail (1-3 pcs) $4 normal mail (4-6pcs) $6 normal mail (7-10pcs) Or self-collect @ 395 Tampines Avenue 7 on weekdays only. **Self-collection highly recommended for liquid soap. This is to avoid breakage. Find out more from: www.xansoap.com facebook.com/xansoap

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395 Tampines Avenue 7 Weekdays only.