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New 700ml Water Bottle Fruit infusion lemon fruit juice ⭐️Benefits of lemon water:⭐️ 👉🏻Aids in digestion and detoxification 👉🏻Bumps up the vitamin C quotient 👉🏻Rejuvenate the skin and heal the body 👉🏻Help shed pounds 👉🏻Boost Energy and mood Specification: ✔️Bottle Infuser fruit Drink ✔️Suitable for Outdoor Sports, home use, office, work ✔️Juice lemon Portable Water ✔️High quality & Durable use 🌟Price in bulk:🌟 1 for $19.90 each 2 for $18.90 each (save $2) 3 for $17.90 each (save $4) 💰Reasonable price, strictly no nego 📤Once full payment made, order will be place immediately 📦 FREE Shipping, 17-33 days 📦$2.80 Shipping, 14-24 days ❤️Like what you see? Check out our other list on various gadgets, home decor, beauty & health, etc. Tag: cancer cure cancer prevent health beauty skin lemon bottle juice bestbuy Best Buy top product top bottle fruit juice portable healthy body skin pretty beauty daily use essential drink new 2017 l4l like likes best gift detoxification system digestive system Type: Others

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