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Feature: 1. Made of artificial cotton, wool and soft not to hurt any surface, water absorption exceptionally strong, feel particularly good is not easy to shed, and to provide the best cleaning ability than the general economical and durable cloth. 2. Use this cloth to wipe any surface without the need to add any chemical cleaning agents, cleaning effect can be achieved. 3. The product does not add any chemicals, will not harm the human body and skin, please feel at ease to use. Instructions: 1. Rag moistened before use ,after use without any detergent, rinse with water only need to restore the original clean and bright, and meet environmental effect. 2. If you use this rag to wipe the soot or highly viscous substance, first soaked in water only after washing with water. 3. Please keep weekly use detergent, to remove any residual odor. This wipes can be used: the dishes. Kitchen utensils, gas stove, range hood, refrigerator, glassware, furniture, bathroom, vehicles, floor, beauty .and so on. Product Video : Free delivery (by singpost normal mail/seller no responsible for lost mail) Bank Account POSB SAVING ACCOUNT 403 458 210