[SOLD] RVF 400 RS NC35 V4 engine


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WTS away my sentimental RVF 400. -COE ends in Jan 2017. -Road tax renewed till 10 Jan. -Engine condition: 9/10 (checked with mechanic at KnT) -Exterior 7/10 (needs washing and polishing) -Coe renewable. -Using fully synthetic EO (300v Motul), every 6000km -Original oil filter changed every alternate oil change. -KNN air filter -Using dyno jet -Downfork 10cm -Now currently using stock pipe. (I will throw in another modded stock pipe for free) -Side mirrors have been fixed -Koso Voltmeter What have i done within this month (Nov): New tyres (Pirelli Diablo Strada) (03/11/16) can see for yourself New Brake Pads (03/11/16) New engine oil (changed at 1872km, dont remember the date but has been running for about 2000km) New original honda oil filter Did a major servicing at Knt on the 10/11/2016 for a total cost of $1000 (I have the receipt): -Carburetor partial rebuild (using dyno jet) -Replacement of all 4 needle valves (very very ex) -Replacement of all 4 gaskets (very very ex) -Tuning -Normal servicing -Clutch plate set replacement -Replacement of engine casing gasket -Replacement of oil seal for starter motor -Replacement of all 4 spark plugs -Valve clearance (done every 40000km) -Fuel tap replacement -Flushed coolant, using Engine Ice Current paintwork is plain blue just like in the pictures (stickers have been removed) Bike servicing has been done at KnT by Clifford himself. He's famous and is well known for his proficiency in servicing and repairing RVF, CBR, VTR, VFR, etc- technically all the good ole hondas. Reasons for letting go: Gonna get a car Selling at $1500. Your gain, my loss. Towing will be at your expense, i will settle the trf of ownership. Contact me at 94796074 to view the bike. NOT AN URGENT SALE please dont lowball me... no money dont buy... dont say my bike this my bike that.. if want to nego be reasonable... no money for coe not my problem... for serious buyers only... at most if nobody buy i will dekit and scrap and sell the parts. So before u call me think about what ure going to say/offer. Money comes first. Then i will trf ownership. I don't like sketchy people. So don't try to be funny. Like i said nobody buy no problem.