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[ 9CM by 5.4CM ] --------❣--------- 1st pic ↪BTS boy in luv era(suga) ↪BTS dope era (rapmon) ↪slight dents at suga's and rapmon sides ↪condition for rapmon pc: 8.9/10 ↪condition for suga pc: 8/10 ---------❣-------- 2nd pic ↪BTS debut era (both) ↪rapmon pc only has dents at the top. suga pc has dents at all sides and has been bent lesser than 1/4 of the pc ↪condition for rapmon pc: 9/10 ↪condition for suga pc: 7.5/10 ---------❣--------- 3rd pic ↪Red Velvet OOTN era (Joy) ↪Red Velvet ICC era (Seulgi) ↪slight dents for each pc at each side ↪condition for Joy pc: 9/10 ↪condition for Seulgi pc: 9.5/10 ---------❣-------- 4th pic ↪BTS I NEED U era(Jin) ↪slight dents at only one side of the pc ↪condition: 9.7/10 ✔✔BUY ALL AT $2✔✔ [Please DM for further queries:)]