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The Lhotz is IPS flagship wheel🎉. A brand new 2016 Lhotz will set you back retail $1,239.90! This preowned good condition one is asking for less than half its original price 😊 The ride on this wheel is quite unique! It has 6 axis gyroscope 🚴🏻 and a custom CPU with 12 MOSFET that can drive the high torque motor to give you that autopilot turns you never knew you could do in tight spaces and you only lean your body into it and the wheel will just finish the ran for you. This is Xima Lhotz if you ask why special about this IPS top end model😊 We have tried many top end wheels here but none turn the wheel the way Lhotz does it with 6 axis gyro! For the more advance rider any good wheel they can turn it the way Lhotz does it but with more skill and effort😁 Put it simply a beginner can ride this wheel like a Pro😃👍 This is a 16inch wheel size with 2.5 size wide tire profile to give you the stability and comfort you will come to learn how to ride the wheel. Top speed is 30km/h with beeping warning that begin at 22km/h.. The wheel has travel a bit with about 1400plus km to its book🚴🏻 When you go pass 25km/h a long continuos tone remind you to be safe with tilt back starting out at 28km/h .. The wheel will hit 30km/h when you stubbornly lean further when the tilt warning will push you back. A European Lhotz rider say, " the wheel seem to be a robot that know where you are going and does all the work for you! It just need your input and the moving is taken care of by the computer😊" The battery is a Panasonic 340wh and will give you approx 30km range depending of your style of riding. Chat with us to buy this Lhotz and own among the premium model by IPS. # Ninebot One E+ A1 S2 One P #tag Inmotion V5F+ V5D, V5, V8, #tag IPS 122, IPS 131, zero, #tag KingSong KS14, KS16B #Gotway MCM2s V3, ACM 16 , Solowheel, Inokim scooter, speedway 2

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