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Recruiting Female Love Live Cosplayers


1 year ago by meerah_nikki




Looking for a permanent a Cosplay group to stick with through thick and thin! Please note that we are accepting a maximum of 2 cosplayers for each character! It is so that if one happens to be busy, the others can fill up the gaps easily. We will be doing dance covers as well! We will be doing a lot of skits in cosplay too! To be a part of this production, please do state what spot you wish to take! Don't forget to be active in participation and enthusiastic during production! For cosplayers, send us a photo of you cosplaying the character you wish to be as in the group! Please state if you are able to cosplay as any other characters below! Height, weight, face shape and skin tone do not matter so much. Just make sure that the four mentioned are somewhat close to the characters. Also state your height, age, name and alias! We also have weekly Sunday trainings to make sure we stay in shape. Don't worry, the trainings won't be so tense. We'll mainly be doing runs, work outs, skit practices(only applicable for cosplayers interested in skits) and dance practices(only applicable for cosplayers who are interested in dancing). Preferable ages are 12-27. For photographers and video editors, please send us a sample of your work to the team's email; Please note that this is NOT only a Love Live based group. You can be: Kousaka Honoka(x1) Minami Kotori(x2) Sonoda Umi(x2) Nishikino Maki(x2) Hoshizora Rin(x1) Koizumi Hanayo(x1) Ayase Eli(x1) Toujou Nozomi(x0) Yazawa Nico(x2) Video Editor(x1) Photographer(x2) Videographer(x0) Please fill in the forms below! ~Cosplayer Form~ Name/Alias: Age: Height: Character: Phone Number: Contactable Social Media Sites(include username for platform): Highlight 1 Or More: Skits/Dancing/Photoshoots Costumes You Currently Have: Cosplay Sample Image: ~Photographer/Videographer/Video Editor Form~ Name/Alias: Age: Phone Number: Contactable Social Media Sites(include username for platform): Highlight 1 Or More: Photographer/Videographer/Video Editor Sample Work: All this is for entertainment purposes, you will not be paid unless the group gets big enough... >~< If you are chosen, note that if you disrespect anyone in the group, you will be given a fair warning and have certain privileges pulled away from you. You are to also respect one another's opinions and ideas. When I notice that you go out of line, I WILL call you out for it. I can be all bubbly and nice but I can also be serious and focused. When you join, note that if you are to disrupt any work the other members are doing, for example the people are working on scripts for skits, making outfits etc. , you will get a warning. The warning might not occur if you bring up a sensible topic as they're discussing. For example, giving constructive criticism for them to work on. A warning WILL be given out to you if you choose to post a meme, text rubbish etc. , whilst they are working, on purpose. Warning/Taking away of privileged do not apply if you were unaware that they were working, exact reason why we want you to keep reading the group chat to know what's going on. Previously updated on //19 May 2017//

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