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Sick of paying more than $100 for a decent pair of In-ear0monitors? Here is a Double dynamic driver IEM just for you! The included cables feature a moldable ear hook for custom fit comfort. The IEMs themselves feature see-thru plastic and one can see the double drivers inside. They use the coaxial plug design where you can interchange the earpieces, they are even compatible with the Shure SE215 series (will bring along mine to prove). Audio quality: Sound is better than the Shure SE215s, even though the retail price is less than half of that. Remember, the SE215s only incorporate single dynamic drivers. I personally find the bass to be equally good, but the treble is noticeably better in thie custom IEM Package comes with the following: 2x IEMs 1x stock cable 3x silicone tips 1x case PM me for IEM audition and dealing. I can deal anywhere along the red line, at my convenience please. Items are brand new in casing. I'll let you test mine first to see if the sound is agreeable for you. Once deal confirmed, I'll open the set in front of you to test.

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Marsiling MRT Station (NS8), Singapore

Will deal at harbourfront and dhoby ghaut as well