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Do you have a low budget but want a decent rig to play all your latest games? This budget custom need is made for you! Without paying a hefty price for the rig, yet getting all the latest hardware on the market! No compromises made! This rig provides you smooth gameplay in almost ANY games on the current market at medium settings. Just the right value for the simplest machine needed. Do not underestimate this machine because it can definitely meet your gaming needs! Specs: Intel G4400 with H110 Chipset Motherboard 8GB Dual Channel RAM clocked at 2133MHz Radeon RX 460 500GB HDD WIN 10 Or would you like a custom rig that is suited for your needs? Or do you want an overclockable system to push the limits of all your hardware? Check out my other custom listings if you want specific parts! PM me for more info :)

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Mailing or Delivery

Additional $30 and I can deliver it right to your doorstep!