$48 Fixed Price 喜气洋洋 Promo - Grade A Peony Jadeite Ring


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Natural Grade A Peony Jadeite Jade Ring A Peony is a flower that the chinese consider as the king of flowers. It is a Yang flower, and it represents optimism and spring. Peony is a symbol of wealth and nobility. 花开福贵. 16.2mm inner diameter Size 10 6grams Item comes with red pouch. Unique and precious ring to have. Make it part of your accessory/jewellery collection. Match it with a dress or top and pants. Versatile look. For more Jadeite Jade items click on https://carousell.com/auspiciousjadeite For more Jadeite Jade Bangles click on https://carousell.com/auspiciousjadeite2