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Japan Bandai Authentic Product! Strawberry or Chocolate Wafer Flavour in cute Doraemon shape! Perfect for Doraemon Lovers! Great for the Xmas party grab bag goodie bag! Each at $2.50 A pair at $3.90! Limited instocks! Doraemon shaped wafer + Marshmallow Pack Snack + fruit jelly + 3 pcs of candy in a bag at $2.40 each [Minimum 5 packs purchase!] Various content bags available from $0.50! New! Pokemon Go pikachu / Minecraft / Spider-Man / dogs nicklodean Mickey Minnie and friends / pooh bear tigger piglet Eeyore / Sophia the first / minion / avengers iron man super man captain America / Disney Princess Ariel Cinderella / frozen Anna Elsa Olaf / baymax / Thomas the train / paw patrol dog / cars Disney / peppa pig β›„οΈπŸŽ…πŸ» Christmas Santa Penguin Promo: πŸŽ…πŸ» Any Christmas themed bag with 15 pcs of candy! $0.50 each, while stocks last! (TOP up $0.10 for character bags!) H2: $1.00 1 pack Mamee noodle snack / Tom And Jerry Chips / chicken cracker / prawn cracker / London Choco roll / Double Decker Chips 1 pack M&M chocolate 1 pc Blueberry Strawberry Chocolate Marshmallow snack / fruit jelly / haw flake snack 3 pcs of candy H3: $1.50 1 pack oat cookies / DARS Chocolate bar / Tong garden / Camel Brand Party Snack pack / 1 pack M&M Chocolate 1 pc Blueberry Strawberry chocolate marshmallow shack / Haw Flake snack / fruit jelly 3 pcs of candy H4: $2.40 1 box Pocky Biscuits [Flavours; Strawberry heart limited edition / Almond Chocolate / Green Tea / Chocolate] OR Mickey Minnie Disney Chocolate filling biscuit box OR Doraemon Shaped limited edition wafer chocolate filling or strawberry cream 1 pack M&M chocolate 1 pc chocolate marshmallow snack / fruit jelly 3 pcs of candy A5: $4.80 [Plush Toy Premium] 1 Plush Toy (Mickey / Minnie / Donald Duck / pooh etc.. / Upgrades to Care Bear etc available) 1 pack Hello Panda Biscuits 1 pc lollipop Chupa Chups with animal design card 1 pc fruit jelly 3 pcs of candy Minimum purchase for all bags: $12

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Mailing or Delivery

Mailing possible without box. Will pack 3 plush and 6 lace roses for mailing. $1.50 normal mail $3.50 registered mail