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BNWT Need I say more it's baby pink HAHAHA Super soft cable knit sweatshirt!!! My fav but i have so many sweatshirts already and like 3 ollies so i'm just gonna keep the burnt orange one My image is the last one haha i wasn't gonna sell at first and by that time i was too lazy to unfold and all No snags or defects don't worry!! Might not sell cos i love my ollies Terms and conditions: 1. No negotiations, no trades*, mailing strictly -Nm +$1/$1.50 -Rm + $3.50-$4.00 -Smartpac +$3.80 2. First pay first serve/highest bid gets the item 3. Reservations must be made with minumum deposit of $10 and must be fully paid by 15 November. 4. No extra pictures or measurements 5. Offer to confirm. No offer = No deal.

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