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Product Description From their commanding position at the top of the food chain, apex predators reign supreme. Without enemies to hunt them down in the wild, these elite predators occupy a unique position in the environment, maintaining ecological balance and order. The Australian Apex Predators series celebrates the powerful skills and unusual anatomical features that enable these animals to stand apart. The precision with which these animals hunt is matched by the detailed illustration in each piece. Meticulously reproduced in black and white, the defining attributes of the apex predators are revealed. Originally a domestic dog thought to have been brought to Australia by the Aborigines’, though studies show it was more feasible dingoes arrived over land bridges that existed than by being introduced by humans over the sea. The dingo is a tireless hunter and will cross large expanses of desert and open bush in search of its prey. Similar to the domestic dog, in particular the German Shepherd, their coat is usually reddish-brown with irregular white markings, although the colouring varies across its range. The colour of a dingo can determine where it is from, for example, dark brown coats derive from forested area and a more typical tan colour is associated with arid land. It has a long pointed muzzle and a mouth containing large molars and long canine teeth. Their ears are quite large, pointed and permanently erect. Their tails are bushy and have a distinctive white tip. The female obtains some of the moisture she needs to produce milk for her puppies by eating their droppings. It was known that a female moved a litter of six pups individually over 9km in a single night, a total journey of 180km. The loose family group in which the dingo lives is kept within a core territory which it protects. Its total range, however, is far larger and often overlaps with that of other groups. The reverse of this coin depicts in detail the formidable dingo surveying its territory. It also records the year of production, the signature of the artist Elise Martinson, and the coin’s weight and purity. The obverse design includes the Ian Rank Broadly effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the country and date of issue, and the piece’s value in Cook Island dollars. These coins are limited edition – only 2,000 will be released.

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