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◇Estimated arrival: 2 weeks ◇Payment must be in first ◇Refund immediately if OOS ◇Includes international shipping fees already E.g. of pcs available: -Japan Fanclub Registration Photos (very rare) $75-$100 for RM and Jin, $100-$200 each for the rest (prices depends on era, some may not be available) -Run Handshake Cards ($50 for RM, $75 for Jin, $120 for V currently available. Rest please check with me) -Wake Up PC full sets for each member ($85 for JK, rest available too but need check again) -No More Dream PC full set ($200) -For You PC full set ($100) -Run PC full set ($85) I wouldn't recommend getting Korean cards/sets that are not rare because the shipping fees wouldn't be worth it. Please do be patient when I'm checking for availabity of cards as I always source for the cheapest options, and from sellers who may not communicate in English. Do not badger me when the cards are in transit from overseas, I have no control if their shipments are slow. Also will be collating orders to ship together to lessen shipping costs Things may go OOS at any moment, so be sure to pay earlier for me to secure the items. ***Do not use my photos, thank you~ ***Not responsible for any damage cause by shipping, etc. No refunds due to any problem cause by suppliers as the suppliers I work with have that policy. Haven't had anything defectrd, not even dented, ever since I bought from them though!

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Pasir Ris Singapore, Singapore

Pasir Ris MRT/Loyang Point Town on selecte weeknds

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depends on weight and size