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Product Description From their commanding position at the top of the food chain, apex predators reign supreme. Without enemies to hunt them down in the wild, these elite predators occupy a unique position in the environment, maintaining ecological balance and order. The Australian Apex Predators series celebrates the powerful skills and unusual anatomical features that enable these animals to stand apart. The precision with which these animals hunt is matched by the detailed illustration in each piece. Meticulously reproduced in black and white, the defining attributes of the apex predators are revealed. The most well-known, and most feared of all marine animals, the Great White Shark is a genuinely fascinating creature. Perhaps more famous as the ruthless killer of a certain Hollywood film series, the Great White is actually widely misunderstood. Whilst it does grow to immense sizes, humans are not part of its natural diet and it will not deliberately hunt around our beaches. In fact, many Great White bites are simply the shark discovering what exactly we are, rather than attempts to feed. The reverse of this coin depicts in detail the Great White Shark is struck in Proof . It also records the year of production, the signature of the artist Elise Martinson, and the coin’s weight and purity. The obverse design includes the Ian Rank Broadly effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the country and date of issue, and the piece’s value in Cook Island dollars. These coins are limited edition – only 2,000 will be released.

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