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[☺Takes about 3 to 7 days for orders to be processed] [☺Will only send in orders on Every Monday] 😎ONLY AVAILABLE IN MEDIUM SIZE 👅Small Namesticker: 128 pieces (22 × 9mm - 4 pieces per row) 👅Medium Namesticker: 90 pieces (30 × 13mm - 3 pieces per row) 👅Large Namesticker: 54 pieces (46 × 16mm - 2 pieces per row) 💰ONLY $3 per Set (+$0.30 for mailing!) 💲💲Current Promotion: Order 9 sets to get 1 MORE FREE set💲💲 💲💲FREE MAILIMG for Orders more than $10 in a single transaction💲💲 ✏Fonts: Both English & Chinese Fonts Available! •Up to 3 lines of text •Maximum of 11 characters each text line (**note: the more the characters, the smaller the font) •Search 'b l e h' from my listings to select your preferred font  🎆PM for more info/full designs!

Deal Options



🎑Preferably at Amk *can be discussed :)

Mailing or Delivery

✉Normal mailing = +$1 •NOT liable for lost mail 📦Registered mailing = +$3