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Limited Edition GOLD CD is in very good condition. Artist includes E‘kin,Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Jeff Chuang etc Tracklisting 1. 刘德华 - 如果天有情 2. 郑伊健 - 留下来听我把真新话说完 3. 裘海正- Butterfly 4.吴宗宪-我会想你 5. 蔡辛娟-爱情的意义 6.叶瑷菱-相信(陈昇) 7.钟汉良-奇迹 8.彭佳慧-旧梦 9.堂娜-自由 10.梁朝伟-为情所困 11.刘嘉玲+张信哲-有一点动心 12.孙耀威-习惯 13.殷正洋-该给你多少 14.李克勤-一生何求 15.刘小慧-谢谢你的爱 16.张信哲-别把我伤心

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