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10H coating


1 year ago by smart_clean




Be it new or old car. Need a tough protection for your vehicle's Paintwork? Get it coated with camui dual layer hard crystal glass coating. Super thick glossy dual layer of glass protection that bonds to the paint and protects against it from -Bird droppings -Water marks -Hard particles -UV -Bugs -Minor scratches Benefits of Doing the camui 10H crystal glass coating protection? - Permanent bond (5 years) - Enhanced gloss and clarity - Dust repellent - Self cleaning ability - Extremely hydrophobic - Increased scratch resistance - Long lasting and durable All of the above mention for years!! Will also produce a Permanent bond hydrophobic/ water beading effect . This hard layer of Ceramic Protection helps your car fine induced washing swirls when maintained correctly.  Camui features an extreme hydrophobic base layer and top layer which allows dust, dirt & water to slide off easily CHROME CHAIN (CC) SERIES CRYSTAL GLASS COATING - Detailed full exterior hand wash. - Paintwork claying treatment. - Detailed Wheel chemical wash. - Paint correction/ Machine polish . - Exterior paintwork wipedown with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) 🌟 CC1 1st layer basecoat (1 hour time to time interval application for proper bonding) 🌟 CC2 2nd layer topcoat 🌟 Exterior window treated with Quartz Glass shield coating. 🌟Headlight/Rear Tail Lights coating. - Interior Vacuum. - Leather Seats cleaning/ restoration. - Leather Seats Protection Conditioning - Plastic Panels Protection Conditioning. - Centre console Cleaning. - Interior windows/Rear view mirror wipedown. 🌟Rubber/Plastic trimming coating 🌟Rim coating - Tyres dressing. Dimensional 10H Hardness Superior Antifouling and h2o sheeting 5 years /75,000kms protection Radiant glass appearance Dual coating system Best performance and durability Recommended for car lovers!!! Why CAMUI is different. CAMUI is able to achieve a high density and pure glass crystal coating through its unique manufacturing process called crystality amorphous. The purity in crystal formation creates a high refractive index of over 1.45 which provides radiant gloss and luster. The atom composition at its purest form, with the inclusion of titanium compound, creates a steric structure which gives it 10H hardness. This level of hardness makes CAMUI one of the hardest coatings on the market. Unparellel dimensional Hardness for superior scratch resistant ​ Nanotechnology self cleaning repels water, dirt and environmental fallouts ​ Unique Water sheeting means 94% less waterspots ​ High Refractive index for radiant crystal glass effect ​ Chrome Chain series with 5yrs protection warranty ​ Eliminate the need to wax ​ Permanent hard coating - doesn't wash off or delaminate There is alot of attractive prices for ceramic coating package at carousell. From super cheap to super expensive. All i can say is the end result matters. If u want to book a slot for your ride with us, pm us or you can whatsapp/contact @ 85002741 early to avoids dissapointment =) ***Side note - Please do not rush me when detailing in progress for perfect outcome . Car Polish car polish Ceramic coating 9H Glass coating paint protection system PPS pps japanese ceramic coating paint correction machine polish compound mobile grooming auto detailing car detailing doorstep service Machine polish sealant liquid wax paste wax hydrophobic water beading water sheeting hard ceramic coating self cleaning bird dropping water spot water mark swirlmark scratches scratch hologram oxidation headlight restoration headlight polish interior fumigation interior detailing interior cleaning 1 step paint correction 2 step paint correction 3 step paint correction finishing polish cutting polish basic polish compound polish treesap Mazda 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 maserati mitsubishi lancer glx cs3 toyota vios harrier estima camry altis isis rush lamborghini jaguar volkswagen touran tiguan polo scirrocco sharan tsi tdi golf rline touraeg honda city civic type r freed vezel stream hybrid hyundai getz tucson tuscani i30 bmw megane nissan murano sunny toyota sienta picnic axio lexus audi s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 mercedes benz car grooming car wash vaccum tyre shine wheel cleaning [SMART CLEAN]

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