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A/E Maths & Econs Home Tuition with Mr Bryan [ NUS ECONOMICS MAJOR with 4 Years of Coaching Experience ] Amaths Emaths Econs



Visit at: FACEBOOK: (Do like the page) One-to-one / Small group classes for 2020 ***Refer below for classes/rates*** *NOTE* • 1-1 Coaching at student's home *** • Feel free to PM to start a new small group class at your home/neutral location ! •Group classes(2-3 students) are held at a neutral location ( One of student's home ) Current Group Classes Available for 2020 ( 2-3 Students max ) ● P3 Math [Hougang] ● S1 Maths [BoonKeng] ● S2 Math (NA) [Tampines] ● S3 Amaths [ Eunos ] ● S3 Math (NT) [Hougang] ● S3 Emath [Pasir ris] ● S3 Emaths (NA) [Tampines] ● S4 Emath(Full) [Boon keng] ● S4 Emath [Pasir ris] ● S4 Emath [Toa Payoh] ● S4 Amaths(Full) [Boon keng] ● H2 Econs (J2) [Lavender] (Express stream, otherwise stated) [ RATES ] (subjected to location) (Upper Pri/Lower Sec) - 1 to 1 : 45/h - pair of 2 : 35/h - group of 3 : 30/h (Upper Sec) - 1 to 1 : 55/h - pair of 2 : 40/h - group of 3 : 35/h (Junior College) - 1 to 1 : 65/h - pair of 2 : 50/h - group of 3 : 40/h (Private degree/diploma/Alevels) - 1 to 1 : 80-100/h Tutored students from: •Anglican High/ Nanchiau High/ Rivervalley high/ TanjongKatong/ ACJC ... and more (Swipe to view results) [Classes] •1-1 tuition class •Small Group class ( 3 students max) [conducted at student's place/ public area ] [SMALL GROUP CLASSES] • In my small group conduct (2-3 max), i get my students to discuss challenging questions and get them to explain to each other/present their answers. This is to get them to delve deeper into concepts instead of getting to the solutions right away. As such, students have a deeper appreciation of mathematical/economical concepts which proves to be instrumental to what the O/A levels syllabus are testing nowadays. • Group classes also prove to be effective in building student's confidence while presenting their answers to their group mates as this is a great way to reinforce and strengthen their learning. [Subjects taught] • Lower/Upper primary math • Lower sec maths • Upper sec A/E maths • JC H1/H2 (econs only***) • Diploma : Add maths/ Econs mods (Macro/Micro) • Private Degree : Econs mod (Macro/Micro) [Teaching Profile] Part I : [Academics] •NUS Economics Major • 4 years of coaching experience (full/part time) • A1 for both A/E MATHS & A for Alevels H2 Mathematics/Econs • Conducts an average of 15-20 classes/week •Taught over 50 students Part II : [Materials Provided] • Fine-tuned mathematics/econs personalized notes/ Cheat sheets • Past year top school papers • Personalized quizzes/tests • Monthly feedback to parents pertaining tutee's performance [ Teaching philosophy ] • Being an educator since 2016 has allowed me to be exposed to students with all kinds of learning aptitudes. I believe that there is no one method that suit all. Students of similar calibre will be grouped together and this has proven to be effective given the significant improvement my past batches had shown. • I have a strict schedule that i plan for each and every of my students. After assessing what they are weak in during the first few sessions, i will plan on which exact topics/skill sets my students require in order to maximise their potential. • i extend my service through answering my students questions through whatsapp. Students would typically send me their questions regarding our homework/school work. I truly believe in extending student's learning outside of lesson time as this would help boost their results further. TAGS : Tuition; tutor; Amath tuition; emath tuition; amaths tuition; emaths tuition; secondary math tution; math tutor; maths tutor; amath tutor; amaths tutor; economics; amaths; amath; emaths; emath; econs tutor; economics; econ; econs tutor; lower sec math; upper sec math; express; normal acad; normal tech; na; nt additional math; elementary math; home tuition; group tuition; home schooling; private candidate; 2019 math tuition; shinglee; math assessment book; maths specialist; maths teacher; amaths assessment book; maths help; olevel; olevels; olevels; nlevel; hougang; angmokio, sengkang, punggol; serangoon; books; supplementary; teacher; furniture; textbooks; Psle; Primary Math; p6; p5; p4; p3; p2; P6 math tutor; p5 math tutor; p4 math tutor; p3 math tutor; hougang tuition;punggol tuition; sengkang tuition;angmokio tuition;pasir ris tuition;furniture; sofa; piano class; Table; chairs; curtain; racks; kitchen; room; aircon; school; student; math; maths; amaths; amaths; fan; swimming class; enrichment class; chemistry; chemistry tutor; physics; physics tutor; biology; biology tutor; english; english tuition; english tutor; science tuition; science tutor; geography; literature; POA; POA tuition; POA tutor; history; history tuition; history tutor; chinese; chinese tutor; chinese tuition; art; language; linguistics; economy; econ; house; property; car; condo

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2018 May

It is thanks to Bryan that i was able to raise my A math grade from D7to A2, and E Math from C6 to A1for my O levels. He is a very dedicated teacher who always answers my questions at anytime. He even replied my whatsapp messages at 1 am. The material he provides is very useful, such as tailor-made cheat sheets and question papers. Thanks Bryan, could never have done it without your help!