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This AHC Hyaluronic Cream increases the moisture levels in dry, rough skin as well as the retention ability to have soft skin for a long period of time. It delivers dewy soft and fresh feeling while botanical ingredients supply intensive moisture to all skin types including sensitive and oily skin and prevent against the various skin troubles with the dryness. Hyaluronic Ingredient works to help rebuild a weakened moisture barrier, helping keep more moisture in. 今天为大家推荐的一款超强保湿补水,专为敏感肌,大干皮定制,B5高效水合透明质酸补湿水啫喱状的爽肤水,带给深层肌肤大量水份.. 特别推荐给干性、缺水、敏感、油脂分泌过盛或粗糙肌肤, 迅即吸取1000倍水份分子进入皮肤。 真心好用的一款水, 这个和精华配就可以代替以前的水精华乳液霜的繁杂过程,清爽且滋润!好用!

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