A Heart Ablaze: Igniting a Passion for God by John Bevere - Self Enrichment Book


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A Heart Ablaze: Igniting a Passion for God by John Bevere Very Good Condition, Clean, Unmarked, foxed with plastic book cover. Description - God delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage to captivate them for Himself. In the arid wilderness He planned to reveal His nature and ways to them, but they drew back. How different are we today? Many confess the Lordship of Jesus and acknowledge His saving power, yet like Israel, they've drawn back. Rather than pursuing His heart they have cleaved to this world's form of worship-the worship of self. As a result we have changed the image of Jesus to be like us. Fire can alter these images. The fire we need is found in the Holiness of God. God is calling us to draw nearer still…to tremble on Mt. Zion…transformed to touch others. Amazon Book Reviews - 1) YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK! - ByJeri Hagen I am so thankful for this book. John Bevere has taken a bold stand for holiness! This book will be like a mirror to your soul--take a deep look inside! Jesus has never changed, but we sure have! This book will encourage a deep passion for Jesus to burn within your heart! Read it and pray that the Holy Spirit will ignite you heart! I appreciate John Bevere's honesty. The Lord is setting us apart from this world! If you are longing for a deeper relationship with the Lord, then READ THIS BOOK! 2) A Heart Ablaze - By Joanne C This is one of those books everyone "should" read.. It was not a pleasant light read.. it was a probing let's get straight with the Lord book.. but here is the thing... I bought two more of his books to read!!! It is necessary to stop playing at salvation and it is time to press in to the high calling of God... so if you are serious, than this is the book for you.. It touches on several areas such as, the fear of the Lord, reverence and Holiness.. I recommend it highly...