AA738778/BB696363/CC765026/DD048002/EE732673 - Complete Set of Twin Prefixes for Orange Ship $2 Notes


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#Uncirculated/AUNC/Circulated Complete set of Twin Prefixes:- 1)AA 738778 (1st Prefix)👍 2)BB 696363 👍 3)CC 765026 4)DD 048002 5)EE 732673 All notes without tear, pinhole or wash U might say there is a missing 'TWIN' - yes the 'ZZ' Twin - I have listed it separately - used version ZZ 099318 selling cheap @$10 - UNC ZZ 041569 selling competitively @$70 The reason is because the ‘ZZ’ Twin is actually a Replacement Prefix Selling cheap as a lot