Ac Chum Khun Paen Rune Kaew Kun Paen Ok Suk(Going To War) BE2512/13


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Only One Piece With DD PHRA Cert >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^^Ac Chum Khun Paen Rune Kaew Kun Paen Ok Suk(Going To War) BE2512/13^^ -Famous Movie Star DONNIE YEN(甄子丹)Khun Paen -Size:3.2cm x 1.8cm (Comes With REAL SILVER LONGYA Waterproof Casing) -Comes With DD PHRA CERT Info: Blessed by more than 100 Masters including Ajahn Chum, Ajan Kong, Ajahn Nam, Ajahn Pan, and many others. Blessing Ceremony by disciples of Kao Or, Ajahn Kong, Wat Ban Suan was Master of ceremony, Long Por Kong (Kun Paen's Master spirit), and Kun Paen Spirits entered the body of two devotes to bless the amulets since Friday 1st to Saturday 9th May, B.E.2513. Amulet is made up of almost 500 hundred auspicious components donated by three of the most famous Ajahns of that era. The composition is well known to contribute to the very unique properties attributed to this pim. For example Wan Yaa, Neua Pong It-tijay, and Pong Na-bpa Tamang were donated by Ajahn Tang and are thought to provide its amazing healing properties. The material that are used to make this are : - Phong Khongchaichum Nuer Wan Ya , -Phong Ittije -Phong Phatthammang -500 scared powder that Achan Chum collected. The process of making Amulets starts on Tuesday 17th March B.E.2513, Miracle occurred that Kun Paen's spirit entered a devotee and ordered to shoot the amulet (in order to test) since before the ceremony starts, someone shot at the amulet 3 times, but the bullets didn't came out. This amulet is good for Protection and cure illness. 84,000 Kun Paen Ok Suk amulets were made. Purpose: It is firmly believed by worshippers that this particular amulet posseses miraculous powers, imbuing the wearer with what is commonly known as ''Wiset Tang Kong Krapan'' or invincibility /invulnerability. Not only that it is also believed to provide ''Tang Rak Saa Rohk'' which quite literally means the way to treat/cure illness. Also ensuring worshippers who wear have a easy and wealthy life with many helps from many people and strong and good attractions from people around them and able to gain positive progression in life.w