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♠️ Your BLACK Market for Acrylic Products ♠️ 🔻Looking for acrylic cages at a reasonable price? ▪️Acrylic.Singapore is the number #1 start up corporation entering the industry! 📣 ▪️With our ridiculous affordable products, we hope to build customer relationship with all our buyers! 💫 ⚠️ Targeted at all Chinchilla owners! ⚠️ 🔻Standard Acrylic Chinchilla Cage ▪️Product number: #C001 ▫️Price: $350 (Mkt price: $600+) ▪️Dimension (cm): 60 x 45 x 50 (L x W x H) ▫️Delivery charges (varies) ▪️ 20% deposit or full payment is required before order is placed *Do note that deliveries will only be on weekends* ☑️FREE Ferplast Sippy Bottle (Size M) provided for your Chinchilla well-being! (Fully Redeemed) ☺ 🔻Perks of our Acrylic Cages 🔹Fully transparent & visible of your lovely pets! 🐣 🔸Platform is made of pure white acrylic material 🔹Contains Animals' waste 💩 within the cage for easier disposal & cleaning! 🔸Easy access hatch door for security 💡FAQs💡 ▪️What is the estimated waiting time for the cages? ▫️All confirmed orders will be placed every Monday (cut-off day), and estimated lead time range: 1 to 2 weeks +/- ▪️Do you do customize cages? ▫️Please do tell us what are the customizations you're looking for & we'll quote you our best price! 🌟 Support Us 🌟 Tags: pets, chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, cage, acrylic, accessories, ferplast, sippy, bottle, acrylic.singapore, transparent, platform, oxbow, hay, rack, bottle, boarding, animal, frame, display, product, box, cube, furniture, case, design, home, holder, hold, stand, arcylic, platform, tank

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Delivery on weekends only & Delivery fees varies