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ACS (Independent) IB notes; EE ToK help


1 year ago by brandon_ngg






Hi guys! I'm selling ACS(I) notes for the following subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Business Management, Language and Literature (IOC included) as well as Theory of Knowledge (ToK). Do let me know if you're interested in buying. Notes are up to date as of 2018! Am currently offering tuition as well. If you're looking for academic help for your IB subjects / pre-IB subjects, continue reading below. I graduated from ACS (Independent) in 2016 with 44 points. I am currently looking for students to teach again as 2 of my current students have graduated upon taking the IB MAY 2018 papers. I have taught students 1-1 as well as at a tuition centre. The subjects I teach are Chemistry, Mathematics and Business Management. I am currently an undergraduate at NUS Medicine with a flexible schedule. My results for IB are as follows: HL Physics 7 HL Chemistry 7 HL Math 7 SL Business Management 7 SL Language and Literature 7 SL Chinese 7 ToK A Once we have made a deal, I will confirm my credentials with you through a private message. Thanks a lot! :)

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