Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder + 1 Free toothbrush & Coconut Oil ; Cleaning of Stains of Smoking Coffee Removal Oral Care


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What you get : 1 pc teeth whitening poweder + 1 Free Charcoal Toothbrush + 1 Coconut Oil Pulling Sachet Retails : $45.90 Letting go for : $13.90 Teeth Whitening Powder Activated Charcoal Teeth Cleaning Powder Stains of smoking Removal Oral Care Tooth Powder Advantage: Naturally remove the stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea in a more effective way. Deeply clean and whiten teeth, preventing the stains from forming again,and maintain with a whitening effect for a long time. Double-Effective Protective Formula: While whitening the teeth,the powder prevents new color pigment from attaching to your teeth, so as to ensure your healthy and confident smile. Function of Tooth Powder: • Whiten your teeth completely and naturally. Especially for people who with black teeth and yellow teeth caused by smoking, tea drinking, coffee and wine, Remove tartar. Charcoal reduces smell caused by Haliotosis leaving your mouth clean and fresh. How to use : 1 ) Wet Soft Toothbrush. Dip damn toothbrush and coat bristles. 2 ) Brush in gently small circles for 2 minutes. 3 ) Spit and rinse carefully. 4 ) Smile! Maintain with Coconut Oil Pulling Sachet *No Meetups. Only By Mail.

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