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Stock we have on hand is: #AR-FD2FX(Adaptor Ring FD to FX)@$38.00 #AR-C2FX(Adaptor Ring C mount to FX)@$38.00 #AR-OM2FX(Lens Adaptor Olympus to FX)@$38.00 #AR-LM2FX(Lens Adaptor Leica M to FX)@$38.00 #AR-LR2FX(Lens Adaptor LR to FX)@$48.00 #AR-MD2FX(Lens Adaptor MD to FX)@$38.00 #ARP-ES2FX(Lens Adaptor EOS to FX)@$68.00 #ARP-ES2FX(Lens Adaptor EOS to FX)@$38.00 #AR-ES2FX(Adaptor Ring EOS to FX)@$48.00 #AR-M42FX(Lens Adaptor M42 to FX)@$38.00 (Lens adaptor LR to FX).... This adapter ring allows you to use your Leica R Lens on your Fujifilm FX Camera, saving you the expense of a costly and irreversible conversion. Description: •Solid metal mount lens adapter allows Leica R Lens to be used on Fujifilm FX Camera body. •Focus infinity. •Diaphragm control of the lens is set manually. •Superior quality, top class precise design. •Anodized Aluminium Construction. •Color: Black. Attention: Auto Focus will not be available, and it's recommended to use Manual / AV modes. Suitable For: •Leica R Lens. •Fujifilm FX Camera. Package includes: 1x Leica R Lens to Fujifilm FX adapter

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