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admin post // scam advisory


1 year ago by polygondust




hello all, your friendly brandy melville group admin here :-) we recently hit 5,000 members so i thought it would be useful to reiterate the rules as well as provide some advice on avoiding scams. RULES: please note that failure to adhere to the rules will result in your listings being removed and you being blocked from the group. 1. this group is strictly for authentic brandy melville merchandise. no inspired, fakes, replicas, or dupes. 2. only listings pertaining to authentic brandy melville are allowed. listings like ISOs, bid war announcements, and sales announcements should be for authentic brandy items only. listings such as ISOs for non-brandy items or sales announcements by users with no brandy-related listings will be removed. 3. only sprees to the official brandy melville websites or the physical brandy melville stores are allowed. no preorder listings from any other sources. 4. no repeated spamming of the same listing. if you realize that your account has been blocked and would like to rejoin, please PM any moderator or myself to resolve the issue. we will usually lift the block, but any further offence WILL result in a PERMANENT BAN from the group. please also don't try to lie your way out of it, your account does not magically end up on the block list for no reason. SCAM ADVISORY: there have been a few scamming incidents by users posing as brandy sellers, please be careful! here are some tips to avoid being scammed: 1. always check for positive SELLER feedback. some scammers buy things with their scammer accounts to accumulate positive BUYER feedback, in order to make their accounts appear more trustworthy. 2. do ask for real life photographs if you are buying from a brand new seller, especially if the item they are selling is rare/expensive! a useful tip is to ask them to put a PHYSICAL piece of paper with their HANDWRITTEN username on top of the item (so that it is more difficult to fake), as proof that they have the actual physical item with them. some scammers take pictures from other users or other clothing marketplaces to try and fool buyers, don't let yourself fall into their trap! 3. always trust your gut — if a seller refuses to do meetups, refuses to do registered mailing, and refuses to provide photo/video proof of normal mailing, it may be possible that the seller is fraudulent! thank you for reading, and happy carouselling!

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