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Serangoon MRT Interchange (NE12/CC13)


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We encourage users purchasing high-value items to meet and verify their purchases at a safe place. — Carousell Admin

Hey there everyone! I bring in a range of film cameras, both of the 35mm and 120mm sort, rangefinders, SLRs, and point & shoots are crazy prices that are really competitive. Most importantly, your cameras would never be received faulty, spoilt, or cosmetically gross. I promise that. Well.. you may ask. What is all this for? I've been an avid photographer for years and have made the leap to analog photography. I'm hoping that by bringing in affordability to the hobby, there would be more of you guys to relive the joys of taking photos you can feel, touch, and share with family and friends. And it looks absolutely sick duh. Haha! I have a master list of all the cameras I have for pre order right now with their prices. If you have no idea what you're doing, drop me a chat. This listing is for beginners, intermediates, veterans, and dogs. I don't bite, and can answer all your questions, give you all the photos, provide you all your details, and give you proof of my previous orders to show I genuinely don’t bite. Thanks for reading! Let me know your budget, level, and anything pertaining to this listing. Even $100 will get you quite far. I'm sick of Carousellers overcharging you for point and shoots that cost far less than their $150+. Keeping this description short and simple as we can go through details more if we can confirm we're both serious about this, and would be genuinely interested. Thanks everybody thanks! 🎄Payment process 🎄Choose between 50% or 100% payment _____________ 50%: Pay half the price of the camera first for me to make the order for you. When it arrives in SG, you have two options: transfer the remaining 50% to me and I’ll mail it to you perfectly wrapped and mailed through registered courier, or we can meetup and pass cash. 100%: Pay the full price of the camera upfront and it can be mailed straight to you with registered courier. Your address will be on the box. Perfect for gift giving, or if you urgently need it, as mailing from my place to yours/coordinating meetup will have many days or even weeks of downtime. ✒️Finished and happy transactions: 15and counting! TAGS: konica minolta fujifilm kodak yashica fed zorki zenit leica canon nikon olympus film camera ae-1 a1 5b m5 m6 m3 om10 a1 sr-1 slr rangefinder 35mm camera 35mm point and shoot p&s camera cheap cameras doggies kodak ektar portra c200 ultramax colorplus

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