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Affordable Economics tuition by TOP tutor (PROVEN RESULTS)



📢 Economics is hard (the 2019 paper is a good example). It is rarely interesting; dry with tons of complicated jargon. You memorise for hours, yet to under-perform in your examinations time and time again. 📈 Those were the worries of the past for my students. My students once struggled like you. However, I have developed strategies that have been tried, tested and proven to be effective in beating the system. I want to share these speical skills and knowledge with you. 🗓 For the year of 2018, I had the opportunity to coach over 10 students from diverse backgrounds and learning abilities. I am very proud to say that: ✓ All of them achieved at least a 4 grade improvement in their results ✓ 100% A/B ✓ All started out as U/S/E students and improved dramatically in just a matter of months ⭐️ My services have a seal of proven quality at a competitive price point. I hope to work with you to achieve the quality grades. 🎓 Academics wise, I am the top H2 economics student in my school, scoring 100 percentile more than once during internal examinations and an A for H2 Economics in the A Levels. Like you, I had struggled with the subject before. However, I was fortunate to have met a great mentor who guided me. I want to be a mentor for you as well. 📊 I have deep knowledge on how to make seemingly complicated economics concepts easy and to most importantly, apply them effectively during the examinations. I train my students to be exam-smart, not book-smart. My end-goal is to make Economics a subject to be enjoyed, not feared. 📚 How will I conduct my classes? ✓I will tailor my teaching strategy to your needs ✓Feedback loop after every class ✓I do not believe in giving busywork so the assignments given are not for the sake of it ✓Students/parents can always contact me at anytime of the day to clarify doubts and can expect very prompt replies (a personal commitment I give) 🔈I can give both 1-to-1 or small group classes. If you come as a group. There would be special rates. 📨 PM if you are interested or to request for more details. I hope to work with you soon 🙂 📜Page 1: Tutor's profile 📜Page 2 : Students who have shown tremendous improvements 📜Page 3: What can you expect from my classes 📜 Page 4-7: Student testimonials (PM me for authentication or additional appraisals) 📜 Page 8: Contact information I hope to work with you soon to attain success at Economics! 😀 Thank you. ***Achieve more with less*** Contact number: 98715379 Email: project Tags: #economics #econs #jc #alevel #tuition #hometuition #grouptuition

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2019 Apr

thank you for the pleasant transaction! :)