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Affordable NEW arrivals💥Antique Charcoal burner@S$138


11 months ago by life.enhancements








Affordable for ALL ... 💯% natural Agarwood 🛩 directly from 柬埔寨 Cambodia & 越南Vietnam @a fraction of what U would pay... 💯% natural Agarwood 沉香 Oudh Gaharu Chénxiāng gives U an enhanced quality of life... Affordable NEW arrivals💥Antique Charcoal burner @S$138 Only 1 unique piece available ✍️ Buy Now@ ~Pm@  / WhatsApp - sms@              +65    8399 I6I9 😇 BENEFITs~ ☯ It’s a Tonic & Aphrodisiac💃💑 🔯Significant increment in Stamina ☯ Relieves Epilepsy ☯ It is Antimicrobial: 🔯Significant Breathing. improvements if U’ve a cold or if U are Asthmatic ☯ Reduces signs of Ageing: 🔯Combats Stress instantly ☯ Meditation : 🔯Deepens Tranquility 🔯Feeling Happy easily 🔯Sharpens Senses & Mind 🔯Calms & Relaxes your mind ☯ Eases Neurotic Obsessive Behavior: 🔯Combats Anxiety & Depression as. it removes destructive & negative energies 🔯Heightens & enhances your awareness 🔯Reduces sense of fear ☯Invokes a feeling of Vigor and Harmony: 🔯Enhances critical mental functionality, getting U ready to face your next stressful challenges ☯ The Agarwood aroma is clean & refreshing: 🔯Giving nice fragrance with sweet smell 🔯Serving as a super healthy air freshener that enables U to conquer hangovers ☯ Stimulates the psyche, human body, conscious ness, as it attracts the angels / gods : 🔯Agarwood 沉香 Oudh Gaharu Chénxiāng 沉香 is often used by Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Taoists, Catholics. & Muslims 🔯The Japanese use Agarwood oil in their Esoteric rites 🔯FengShui~mystically gathers great factors for optimal. happiness,one's health & wealth 🔯Opens the third eye & all of the Upper Chakras & calming the. entire whole Spiritual system 📌Images taken with a mobile phone and apologies for the image quality 📌The colours may differ slightly   [especially the light  intensity] as phones /  different devices have different gamma  & also     the lightings may  affect the     appearance of actual items 📌The price field indicated as [S$138]is for the lowest priced item in this same platform, as other prices are indicated accordingly in the listing MEET UP ARRANGEMENTS Preferably SelfCollect@Tampines Street 45... From bus interchange take 28 / 29 or BLUE 293 Or for purchases above S$80 [only for. small product which can be put in the usual NTUC plasticbag & Total weighb less than 5kg] can opt for QUICKdeal ~ delivery@ Taxi stands🚕 nearrest MRT🚇 Tampines-Simei-Pasir Ris🚇 ✍️ Direct Order Now @incredible Offer price  👉 Pm@ WhatsApp-Sms@ +65 8399 I6I9 ☯FOLLOW us for our Latest Offers & Updates 🌎 🌎 🌎 🌎 It's also certainly a great time to share this happiness with CAMbodi 💯% 🌿 natural Super Agarwood Gaharu Ouds to further enhance everyone's lifes ☯ Just arrived .. CAMbodi SUPER💯% 🌿natural Ouds Agarwood Gaharu 沉香 but ... due to overwhelming. responses from our regular customers, now left only about 3 kg... Quick, join another 81 of [numbers increasing] our followers with us to enjoy this limited lot of luscious experience before they are depleted soon... Now, must try this Fabulous RARE 💯% 🌿 natural CAMbodi SUPER Agarwood Ouds 沉香 from Cambodia Buy @incredible Offer price~Pm@ WhatsApp-sms@ +65 8399 I6I9 🅐More 沉香 Agarwood Ouds Gaharu 🅑Sacha Inchi SUPER food ✅Did you know that Sacha Inchi is a SUPER Food? 🅒Life Sensing Technology Products ✅BioZen- An Incredible life enhancing class 1-Medical device~Europe Innovative micro - chip Technology sticker to protect you from the harmful effects of electroSMOG 沃德全球 BIOZEN 貼片介紹 黏貼教學 簡單快速~銀河導師 ✅HeLO Lx - An Advanced Fittness / Health- Promoting/Monitoring Wristband device 👉 🅓Audio-Hifi Home Theatre ✅Enhancing your life with some warmth lovely music & songs 🅔More Life Enhancements Products ✅ OIOMe@ Carousel Life Enhancements Offers ✍ GENERAL TERMS OF TRANSACTIONS More Life Enhancements Offers 🌎 ★ Enjoy 10% Hotel booking / earn US$15 ★★Hi, to Join dhgate FREE for more GREAT deals  👍 Like FOLLOW Share 👍      Help spread the  benefits     to more people to enhance        the quality of life     THANK YOU #Agarwood#Cambodia#CAMbodi#Sinking#Oud#Oudh#Gaharu#Chenxiang#pureoil#aroma#perfume#incense#maiKrishns#Aromatherapy#Minyak#natural#Bakhoor#Sense#necklace#beads#fragrance#wtistband#沉香

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🚖Delivery -1st ibank transfer🏧🌐 -2nd arrange appointment ➕S$20 EAST REGION as per East Region,S’pore Wikipedia,_Singapore Areas: Bedok, Changi, Changi Bay, Paya Lebar , Pasir Ris, Tampines [& including Simei] ➕S$30 Others-Mainland S’pore v] ⏳Preferably between 🕗0800 - 🕙2200(Daily)      By appointment only     Pm@         / WhatsApp-sms@     +65    8399 I6I9 ★★Hi, to Join dhgate FREE for more GREAT deals Hotel booking: Want a 10% discount/earn US$15?

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rankeshVery smooth transaction Good seller,Punctual and more
4 days ago
life.enhancementsBro, Thank you so much for your very kind review. You are indeed a very considerate and caring person. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to have more deals with you in the near future. I am equally glad that you are pleased and happy with your purchased of my Acoustics foams Enjoy!
sampahGreat seller to deal with! TOP!!!!!!
1 week ago
life.enhancementsBro, Thank you for your trust and support. Our Hifi and Home theatre sharings this evening was great! Glad that you got the acoustic foams for your speakers!! Do come to me if you need more for your room treatment[especially to place behind your speakers for greater enjoyment of your songs and music. Hope to have more dealings with you in the near future. Enjoy!!
newinasiaVery responsive even when he is out of town. more
2 months ago
life.enhancementsBro, thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am most happy to share with you whatever you want to know so long as I've accurate information to help you and others to further enhance lifes.To me, I think Life is Live Interestingly For Ever [LIFE], for you, I & Everyone. Let's follow me@
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