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Are you looking for a professional photographer for ANY KIND OF photography? Give me 1 MINUTE to show you why I am the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Find what you're looking for in the list below! - Corporate events: I have prior experience in shooting large events for 5 years, including a very tricky concert shoot for large company RockSchool's ANNUAL concert, with dark lighting but managed to get great photos (shown) and wonderful feedback from the organisers! - Kids Birthday/ Kids Performance Photographed Bloomberrys (Famous Private Kindegarten) Annual Kids Concert, which is dark and Kids are running everywhere! My keen eye managed to capture the perfect moments (shown) and was commended greatly by their director, Sherla, and she event wrote me a whole testimony for it (thanks Sherla 😂) Also, birthday photography is important as I will capture the moments of your loved children/kids so that in 10 years time, when you look at my photo, you will see your memories in a stunning photo! - Product Photography/Food Photography Looking to start your e-commerce site? I have TOP quality light tents that are so simple to use that paints your product in a crispy white studio background. I have one of the biggest light tents that is 60cm all around, so I am one of the few who can capture your large products. I have photographed for seiko watch seller Kai, who says my photography can even create DRAMATIC eye catching images (perfect for cover photos on sites like SHOPIFY/Shoppee) I have also photographed food for many people. Being my first specialisation, food photography is one of my proudest arts. Simple photography can produce stunning delicious food! I shot the photo above for DON HO, a famous eatery under the Social Summer Kitchen! -ROM/Solemnisation Perhaps our most common photography request I get apart from birthday events, I want to ensure I capture the SWEETEST moments (shown) for you and your wife to be, so you can go home, look at the beautiful photos and reminisce on your special day! I ensure to give you and your wife beautiful, vibrant images and the best part is you're never paying anything close to what those big companies are charging! -Wedding Now your ROM is settled and the marriage comes along, it's difficult and pricey, so let me help you save some money but promise beautiful photos. For wedding day, I rent a super camera on the market to ensure that I capture the close up shots of you and your darling no matter how far we are standing, and ensure that I capture the still smiling moments when you kiss your bride/groom! -Studio Photography/Fashion Shoots/Portrait Photography Got a fashion brand you want to spread like wildfire? Or you aspire to be a fashion model and up your instagram game? Contact me and we can schedule a studio shoot! I see light as a paint, and will give you creative, colourful shots by throwing different shades of colours on you, and show you artistic shots you could only have dreamt of. Or do you need a professional uplift in how you sell yourself as a person? I do portrait photography with a curated experience, to give you photos that show depth, structure and let you put your best foot forward to look better than all your competitiors! I strongly believe photography is an art everyone should enjoy, and I am not only a photographer, I am a dream-capturer! :) Check out my good reviews :)

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2019 Sep

Photographer was friendly and took great shots of our event! Pictures were sent within few days without hassle and edits were superb! Would definelty recommed others to try this service if looking for both quality and value👍🏼