AHC Hydra B5 Soother Serum 50ml/Hydra Vital Complex 50ml/100% Authentic Direct from Korea Cosmetic AHCB5玻尿酸精华原液50ml/98000韩币


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💟💟💟💟💟 🍃Skin moisturizing: Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) works as an irreplaceable water-binding agent, helping the maintenance of soft yet firm skin with enhanced flexibility 🍃Hyaluronic Acid, nature-oriented moisturizer, replenishes skin with a plentiful amount of moisture and activates its turnover cycle to bring out a soft and refined texture 🍃Skin Soothing: This mild yet powerful formula, extracted from portulaca oleracea and kava kava (piper methysticum), provides intense conditioning for delicate and sensitive skin. 👉What's in the box 1 x A.H.C. Hydra B5 Soother Soothing Enhancer 50ml 🇰🇷AHC玻尿酸B5高效啫喱精华,孕妇和敏感性皮肤的福音!高效深层补水 50ml😋孕妇💘敏感肌肤可用🌸能吸取1000倍水份分子进入肌肤底层,增加其锁水能力🔸柔软粗糙肌肤,改善过敏,舒缓红痕现象🙋帮助减退眼部油脂肪寄眼纹等问题,特别推荐给干性、缺水、敏感或粗糙肌肤 一次只要一两滴就ok,🌟大约可以用3-4个月,具有修护细胞并柔软粗糙肌肤,🗯美白去黄,嫩肤,并能帮助减退眼部油脂及眼纹等问题,锁水很赞👍🏻吸收超快💪🏻

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