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Aircon leaking water, not cold, Call Hydrojet Aircon


1 year ago by hydrojet






Contact us via WhatsApp or sms +65 87133561 for our special promotions. See us on Facebook: Hydrojet Aircon Services Have your Aircon serviced correctly, breath cool clean air, reducing your electricity bill. How can you tell if your Aircon is been serviced correctly? Most customers think it is. Lets take a look at Aircon service in general. Can a Aircon be cleaned by just using a brush to clean the cooling coil, or by chemical and steam cleaning? Answer is No. Using a brush or steam cannot clean the dirt, mould, etc on the 1 inch thick coil in Aircon. What it can do is clean whats on the surface and push the balance dirt deeper into your coil and damaging the Aircon at the end. Results is poor air flow, longer time to cool the room, bad smell, higher electric bill, some even fall sick often due to the contaminated air, water leaking from Aircon, etc If you are not sure if your Aircon need to be serviced or was serviced correctly, call us and we will help you check it for free. We use a new method of cleaning Aircon. Hydro jet cleans your Aircon right through the 1 inch thick coil in your Aircon, cleans your blower wheel clean and restore your Aircon air flow to its original specifications, we also clean your drain pipes. We use Gelair TTO Duct and Coil Cleaner which help to sanitize and kill 99.99% of Mould , bacteria , Virus etc in your Aircon unit. Hydrojet machine is designed only for cleaning Aircon. We will measure air flow before cleaning your Aircon and after cleaning to show you the difference. We do not dismantle your Aircon to carry out chemical cleaning like others. See the pictures before and after cleaning. The picture of the bucket of water is what comes out of your aircon when cleaned correctly. Have your Aircon serviced correctly, breath clean air, reducing your electricity bill.


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stephh123Very professional service. The team takes pride more
2 months ago
ukevaGreat seller to deal with. My aircon no longer more
6 months ago
rizza.lintaoAwesome couple to deal with. You can sense their more
8 months ago
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