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  • ursnvrregret

    Very friendly, very good and affordable services and come asap after i call, i will recommend to friends.

  • victory96

    This is my 2nd time service with them. Very friendly, efficient n good service. My aircon was not cooling till i use their service. Now it is very cooling. I recommend to my family n friends. Thanks to the team.

  • eyangputri

    Thanks πŸ™ Problem solved πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ



1 year ago by airconclean






AIRCON SERVICING ,DEEP CLEANING, REPAIRS,STOP LEAK , AIRCON INSTALLATION, DISMANTLING,TOP UP GAS, SAME DAY SERVICE NO EXTRA CHARGE CALL 93763389 CAN RESPOND ON SHORT NOTICE LIKE ON THE SAME DAY OF CALL FOR NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. LOW PRICE WITH GOOD RESULTS AND DO NOT NEED TO SIGN CONTRACT.NO HIDDEN COST.NO TRANSPORT COST.NO SURCHARGE FOR WEEKEND OR NIGHT SERVICE. NET PRICE. PLEASE READ GENUINE FEEDBACK FROM OUR CUSTOMERS. GUARANTEED RESULTS EVEN IF ITS THE CHEAPEST. NO RUSH JOB TO ENSURE THE JOB IS DONE RIGHT..YOU WILL NOT GET ANYWHERE SUCH GOOD PRICE WITH GOOD RESULTS ESPECIALLY FOR OUR CHEMICAL STEAM SERVICE WHICH OUR CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE THE MOST WITH THE RESULTS AND THE PRICE Before reading our full range of services please watch the 100 seconds video link to see our most popular chemical steam service for Aircon not cold and foul smell at an unmatchable price as low as $50 per unit : CALL 93763389 WE HAVE SAVED A LOT OF MONEY FOR OUR CLIENTS BY HELPING THEM AVOID V.EXPENSIVE CHEMICAL OVERHAUL SUGGESTED BY THEIR REGULAR SERVICEMEN, AND GOT THE WORK DONE BY CHEMICAL WASH PLUS HIGH PRESSURE STEAM WASH AT ONE THIRD THE COST. IT HELPS TO RESTORE COOLING N REMOVE FOUL SMELL. MOST CUSTOMERS FIND IT VERY CHEAP AND VERY EFFECTIVE, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO AND COMPARE WITH OUR COMPETITORS PRICE TO BE CONVINCED. OUR INDUSTRIAL STANDARD SUPER POWERFUL HIGH PRESSURE STEAM MACHINE IS MORE THAN TWICE AS POWERFUL AS STEAM MACHINES USED BY COMPETITORS TO GIVE THE STRONG PUNCH TO REMOVE STUBBORN DIRT FROM THE FAN COIL. GENERAL SERVICING- Cleaning of cover,filter and dusting and vacuum fan coil unit and drainage pipe $15 per unit for 10 units above $18 per unit for 7 to 8 units. $20 per unit for 3-6 units non HDB. (Price difference because normally longer time spent at non HDB) $18 per unit for 3 units and above for HDB $25 per unit for 2 units $40 for 1 unit only Aircon High Pressure Anti Bacterial Steam Cleaning for Aircon still in good running condition but needs deeper cleaning for better performance and to get rid of bad smell due to bacteria and mold. $33per unit if 3 units and above ( Almost the same price as General Servicing but deeper cleaning) $38 per unit if 2 units $50 if 1 unit -steam cleaning is deeper cleaning than general servicing -the fan coil and hard to reach roller blade will be steam cleaned -immediate effect with fresh air smell like mountain air and better performance of the aircon unit blowing cooler air at higher setting,saving electricity and longer lasting aircon system -steam cleaning will remove accumulated dust and bacteria and molds from roller blade and fan coil -helps to delay chemical wash as the unit is better maintained than general servicing -healthier as the super hot steam helps to breakdown and KILL bacteria and prevents spreading OR multiplying of the bacteria - WE USE INDUSTRIAL STANDARD SUPER HOT HIGH VAPOUR PRESSURISED STEAM MACHINE WITH SUPERB CLEANING AND DISINFECTING FUNCTION,THE POWER OF THE STEAM MACHINE MATTERS FOR THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE STEAM CLEANING. CHEMICAL WASH + GENERAL SERVICE $35 per unit FOR 3 units(CHEAPEST ) $40 per unit if 2 units $60 per unit if 1 unit Clean air filter Washing evaporator coil,,drainage pan with CHEMICAL BENEFITS: Helps to prevent leakage Removes foul smell from fan coil Deep Cleaning-Intensely helps to remove MOLD,BACTERIA and DUST from the fan coil for healthier air More intense cleaning than general servicing as general servicing will only clean the air filter. and not the fan coil Aircon cools faster and saves electricity and money. The aircon will function smoothly and last longer due to reduced strain on the system CHEMICAL WASH + ANTI BACTERIAL STEAM CLEANING +GENERAL SERVICING- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Watch the you tube video link below for chemical steam to be convinced. : CHEAPEST IN THE MARKET WITH PROVEN RESULTS..BEST VALUE FOR MONEY (90% of my customers call us for this service and 100% of our positive feedback is for this service) 3 units $50 each 2 units $60 each 1 unit $80 This method is superior to general chemical wash alone as the steam will further sanitize and clean the blower units,flushes out the loosen dirt from chemical wash and steam reaches hard to reach areas giving close to the expensive chemical overhaul cleaning method As steam and less water is used it is less messy, and the wall will not be affected when cleaning is going on Chemical wash with 200 degrees Centigrade steam kills bacteria and foul smell gets eliminated for healthier air conditioning STEAM CHEMICAL WASH UNLIKE CHEMICAL OVERHAUL THERE IS NO NEED TO DISMANTLE THE UNIT AND THUS YOU WILL GET BACK A CLEANED BETTER COOLING UNIT WITHOUT AFFECTING OR DAMAGING THE WORKING OF THE SYSTEM. NB: BY DISMANTLING AND FIXING BACK SOMETIMES THE AIRCON LOOSES ALIGNMENT BECOMES NOISY AND EVEN DAMAGED AND WE CAN DO WITHOUT DISMANTLING AT A LOWER PRICE AND SAFELY AND GIVE YOU CLOSE TO CHEMICAL OVERHAUL RESULTS. IN SOME CASES CHEMICAL WASH ALONE WITHOUT STEAM WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM BECAUSE THE FAN COIL ON THE REAR IS CHOKED WHICH MAY REQUIRE OVERHAUL WHICH IS VERY EXPENSIVE. IN SUCH CASES WE NORMALLY ABLE TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM BY USING OUR POWERFUL STEAM AFTER CHEMICAL WASH TO PUSH OUT THE DIRT ON THE REAR. THIS IS THE EXTRA MILE WE GO TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. Good to have chemical cleaning every one to two years to refresh the aircon. Dirty Aircon is normally the cause of poor cooling.and system breakdown CHEMICAL OVERHAUL $130 single unit $110 each for 2 units $110 each for 3 units CONDENSER (COMPRESSOR) CLEANING 1 to 2 units $50 each 3 units and above $40 each GAS TOP UP AIRCON REPAIRS AND INSTALLATION SUNNY AIRCON & M&E SERVICES PTE LTD . Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Registered Biz Reg No 201708900K Hp 93763389

Chemical cleaning for condenser, Installation, Repair, Servicing

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nkmk79Its true what all d positive feedback says.. The more
5 days ago
dovershoppeGreat seller to deal with! Remote key works
1 week ago
shaneeGreat seller to deal with! Their servicing are more
1 month ago
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