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Aircon NOT Cold,servicing, cleaning, foul smell, HP87553391



SAME DAY AND SHORT NOTICE SERVICE MOST OF THE TIME AT NO EXTRA CHARGE CALL 87553391 AIRCON CHEMICAL WASH+POWERFUL HIGH PRESSURE ANTI BACTERIAL STEAM WASH FOR ONLY $50 (We respond on short notice including same day,no rush job,7days and night a week and no surcharges CHEAPEST AND MOST COST EFFECTIVE AND SAFEST SOLUTION FOR AIRCON NOT COLD OR LESS COLD AT LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE OF CHEMICAL OVERHAUL The chemical loosens the dirt and the 200 degrees centigrade high pressure steam breaks and pushes out the dirt safely without damaging the aircon and removing all bad smell. Once the dirt is removed the airflow improves and the wind becomes stronger and much colder and fresher. CHEMICAL WASH PLUS HIGH PRESSURE ANTI BACTERIAL STEAM is far superior to CHEMICAL WASH WITHOUT STEAM. OUR POWERFUL INDUSTRIAL STANDARD STEAM MACHING MAKES THE BIG DIFFERENCE.MUCH COLDER AND FRESHER AIR FOR A LONGER PERIOD. Pls click on the link below to watch the 100 seconds you tube video to be convinced what you get for $50 Advantages: 1.Because we use machine it takes shorter time than overhaul and so we give it cheaper to get more customers. 2.Much safer than overhaul method as the components do not get damaged or faulty due to dismantling method end up paying for expensive repairs 3.In many cases the gas pipe after chemical overhaul gets damaged which will lead to gas leak and higher repair cost(ABOUT $600 OR FREQUENT GAS TOP UP). Most of my customers who complain about gas leak had done chemical overhaul recently. 4.It is so cheap and safe that you can do as often as you want. Most of my customers do it once a year and in between they just wash their filters and put back. 5..The super high temperature steam will also remove bad odour due to bacteria and the air smells fresh. Our workers are very experienced and they will work towards giving you the best results. Pricing :$50 per unit for 3 units and above $60 per unit for 2 units $80 per unit for 1 unit 3 MonthS warranty on the cleaning to give cool air but probably you will enjoy more than one year of very cold air under regular usage and maintenance Condenser(Compressor) Cleaning: POWERFUL HIGH PRESSURE STEAM WASH which will melt dirt and push out all the dirt while penetrating through the fins. Perhaps the best cost effective method than using other methods. The power of the machine really matters for best results. Pricing if 1 to 2units $50 each if 3 units and above $40 each ADD $30 each if you add chemical wash. THE MARKET PRICE FOR CONDENSER CHEMICAL WASH IS $80 BUT WE GIVE YOU CHEMICAL WASH PLUS HIGH PRESSURE STEAM WASH AT THE SAME PRICE.THE HIGH PRESSURE STEAM DEFINITELY MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE IN THE RESULTS. BESIDES SINCE STEAM IS USED YOU NEED NOT WORRY ABOUT NEIGHBOURS BELOW AS MINIMAL WATER IS USED. Often dirt gets trapped in the fins of the condenser which may lead to overheating and breakdown as the condenser is unable to efficiently throw out the heat. A dirty condenser can also affect the cooling of the room. A more efficient aircon system means faster cooling,less repair and electricity bills. We are registered Pte Ltd Comapany. Company official receipts will be given. We also do REPAIRS,INSTALLATION,DISMANTLING,GAS TOP UP,GENERAL SERVICING Please call 87553391 for BEST VALUE FOR MONEY

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Chemical cleaning for condenser, Installation, Repair, Servicing

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