Aircon Services 📞 91795177 (Water Leaking, Not Cold, Not Working, Etc)


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Our company ONLY specialised in aircon service so rest assured that the technicians sent to you are QUALIFIED technicians whom are EXPERIENCED that can solve all your aircon issues such as not cold/ water leaking/ not working / etc. Having issue with your aircon system such as: - Water leaking - Not cold - Cannot turn on - Sweating on trunking - Relocation of aircon - Installation of aircon - Noisy fancoil - Foul smell from aircon - Replacement of aircon - Blinking light - Sensor issue - Etc Looking for aircon servicing/ cleaning / maintenance please refer to our following link: Tired of engaging company who provide cheap services but uses cheap and unqualified workers who does not solve your aircon issue? Look no further! Call us at 91795177 or PM us for more details and arrange for an appointment :) tag: aircon servicing, air-conditioner servicing, aircon maintenance, air-conditioner maintenance, aircon repair, air-conditioner repair, aircon package, aircon cleaning, window casement air-con, window unit, cleaning, steam cleaning, air-conditioner, airconditioning, cleaning, spoilt, repair